Bridal bootcamp for skin

Bridal Bootcamp for Skin

The Back Story

When I walked into the Corinthian Wellness Spa located in Southlake I had no idea that I would be gaining an incredibly beautiful friend but also end up having one of the top estheticians in Dallas work on my skin. There I was with swollen eyes and a very tender nose that was taped down in bandages. I added a little mystery with my large Dior sunglasses to hide the minimal bruising under my eyes that is associated after rhinoplasty. Yes, that is right I had a nose job and I love it but that is another story.

I was here for my first VI Peel post surgery. Believe me the first few days of recovery you are not overly concerned about the perfect skincare routine but more about combating swelling and the discomfort or flat out pain while recovering. My skin I like to think resembled that of a girl who eats chocolate bars for all three meals … it was bad, red and broken out. My first time with Leslie was enough to have me coming back. Our entire appointment was filled with conversation about product use, what to do after the VI Peel and more importantly what NOT to do. We went back and forth about the best procedures, what she would do next time I came back and what areas I needed to work on. I left with my skin glowing ( I also had a strong pain-killer in my system ) and had booked my next service. A key word of advice for any of you ladies who frequent spas or who will begin to. Use the same esthetician and only her for every service because that way they begin to know your skin which allows them to treat it appropriately. If you keep going to different spas then they start you at square one each and every time.

Fast forward 8 months and Leslie, aka My Skin Goddess, just walked in ( still envious of her flawless skin ) where I am about to interview her on the best skin care products and procedures a bride should start incorporating into her routine. FYI this should take place roughly 8 months out of her wedding date and up to the last few weeks until she says “I DO.”
Why am I writing a blog dedicated to a bride’s skincare routine? The main two reasons are that my IG account is constantly filled with messages from clients, friends and followers who come to me with questions in regards to my skin. How do I have such flawless skin? Why do I look like this at age 33? What can brides do before their big day to help give them flawless skin? The second being I want you as a bride to feel like the most beautiful version of yourself and I understand how clear skin contributes. With all of that being said let’s dive right into it!

The Who: Leslie Cloin is a former makeup artist who grew up in Mansfield, Texas and now is the lead esthetician at The Corinthian Wellness Spa.

The Why: When we sat down I asked her why on earth she decided to leave her flourishing career as a makeup artist and focus on skin. Her response was priceless: “When I was a makeup artist, the models I would work on that took great care of their skin would have flawless makeup! I also wanted to help women feel just as confident without makeup as they felt with it on so the decision was easy.”

The Method: Leslie’s Bridal Bootcamp is to help give each bride the proper direction to walk down the aisle with glowing skin.

Bridal Bootcamp

If you have an esthetician, your skin is already on a routine and you are doing monthly facials then you and your esthetician should start 6-8 months before your big day.

8 Months Out

Sciton laser along with the HALO treatment on face and neck.

The Purpose: It will resurface your entire face and neck along with getting rid of fine lines, melasma, and hyperpigmentation.Your downtime will be 7-10 days depending on your sensitivity and skin type.

6 Months Out

BBL laser or Broad Band Light

The Purpose: It will help rebuild the collagen and tighten skin. You have no down time and recommended to get this procedure once a month for maximum benefits.

Months 3 Up Until Your Wedding

Oxygen (Intraceuticals) facials or Hydrafacials

You can also add light peels that just keep the skin glowing and clean which prevents breakouts. To get the best results add Dermaplaning these last few months before the Oxygen or Hydrafacial. This simple service allows your makeup to be applied flawlessly without any peach fuzz.

Tip: The Oxygen Facial you want to make sure it’s with the company Intraceuticals. They are the only company that uses a hyperbaric oxygen machine that will heal the skin. Intraceuticals sends a product that gets into the dermal layer because of this technology.

The Purpose: With the Hydrafacial the sky’s the limit! It is one of the best on the market in my personal opinion because you can customize this facial exactly to what the client needs. There are numerous levels of peels and hydration infusions to play with depending on the skin type. The Hydrafacial comes with multiple tips that helps to loosen pores which helps prep for extractions along with clearing dead skin cells off. It’s essentially a peel, microdermabrasion, and hydrating mask all in one.

1 Week

The week before the wedding should be time to relax and help minimize stress. A facial or hydrafacial is highly recommended to give a natural glow. Refrain from trying anything new. No new makeup products, no new fillers along with botox and do not try a new skincare routine. This is the time to let your skin heal, be rested and balanced along with staying hydrated.

No Regular Routine In Place?

Now let’s lay out what you should do if you do not have a regular skincare routine or esthetician in place.

6 – 8 Months Out

Find an Esthetician at a medical grade spa.
Begin by doing Hydrafacials and Medical Grade Chemical Peels every 4-6 weeks.

Tip: The more the same esthetician can see your skin the better results you will have since this allows them to know how deep or gentle to go on your skin therefore giving you optimal results.

1 – 2 Months Before the Wedding

Continue with ensuring your skin is cleaned from bacteria by having a weekly facial leading up to your big day! With so much happening before your wedding it is time to find your peace and relaxation.

Skincare Product Recommendations

Here is a list of Leslie’s favorite skincare products to help give direction to any bride-to-be in an industry that has thousands of products and skincare lines.

  1. Skin Better Science ALPHA RET: The best Retinol on the market. It combines Lactic Acid and Glycolic Acid which ensures you won’t peel. This allows the consumer to use it more frequently which gives optimal results. Lactic Acid helps skin stay hydrated while the cells are turning over.. best invention!
  2. SkinMedica Lytera 2.0: For tough melasma and to help prevent future sun damage.
  3. SkinMedica HA5: Extremely hydrating by using 5 types Hyaluronic Acid.
  4. Cosmedix Purity Solution Cleanser: This is a deep oil cleanser that takes everything off your skin along with conditioning my eye lashes.
  5. Eminence Lime Stimulating Mask: Helps Botox look set and in place. Doing this mask before an event or occasion will give you that extra glow and tightness we all love and want.
    Tip: You can also use this on the back of your legs or thighs to help with cellulite!

Oh My Darling Bride, I bet we all can agree that having clear skin can be an uphill battle but by incorporating a few services and getting yourself on a routine that has products working for you will make life and planning that much easier.

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  • Thx for posting this, my wedding is next year because of the virus. My skin has been so bad from stress.

  • Christina! I am online searching for these products from Alberta!!! Where can I buy them girl! You have finally started your passion!

  • I wish your esthetician was in Canada. Can you recommend a place in Vancouver that offers similar services? Can you list what products you use?

    • You are so wise and so full of knowledge! Thank you for this timeline on how to revitalize ourselves from the inside out. We NEED your esthetician and those products in Canada!!!!

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